Some of the publications, interviews, conferences and exhibitions in which Hilustradora has been present.

Interview for the newspaper “El Heraldo de México”, 2017
Interview for the newspaper “Metro”, 2012
Interview for the magazine “RGB”, 2018
Interview and illustration of cover for the magazine “Los Bastardos de la Uva”, (Mexico, 2012)
Illustrated notebooks with different characters from the cinema for the radio program “Gente de Cine” Radio Educación. (Mexico, 2013)
Commemorative posters for the 15th anniversary in “Cinemanía”. (Mexico, 2012)
Stop motion video with my illustrations for the 15th anniversary in “Cinemanía”. (Mexico, 2012)
Workshop for children, “Drawing and colors” in the Biblioteca Vasconcelos (Mexico, 2015)
Honorable mention in collaboration for design of posters for the “UVA TLATELOLCO” (Mexico, 2011)
Workshop and sale of silkscreen, “Color 75º”. (Mexico, 2012)
Exhibition in Guadalajara, Jalisco. (2015)
Proposal of a mural for the SEP in collaboration with painters Agustín Castro and Verónica Fernández. (Mexico, 2012)
Conference in UNAM. (Mexico, 2013)
Illustration on Surfboard for “Kai longboards”.
Exhibition of surfboards illustrated in “Cultura Colectiva”. (Mexico, 2014)
Participation in the forum “Mujer líder de cambio”, COPARMEX.
(Mexico, 2014)
Illustration for Ford Motor Company and the special edition of Mustang. (Mexico, 2015)
Illustration for the band Vetusta Morla. (Spain-Mexico, 2015)
Collective exhibition in Spain, 2015.
Finalist poster in collaboration for the contest “Al muerte con una sonrisa, MUMEDI” (Mexico, 2011)
Illustration and design workshop at the UNAM. (Mexico, 2011)
Guest artist for the illustrated tribute of the Mexican band “Panteón Rococó”. (Mexico, 2013)
Collective illustration exhibition for the Mexican band “Panteón Rococó” at the music festival “Vive Latino”. (Mexico, 2013)
Conference in UNAM. (Mexico, 2014)
Conference in ITCH. (Chihuahua, 2016)
Workshop in ITCH. (Chihuahua, 2016)